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Established since 1973, Penang Batik Factory Sdn Bhd reflects the true cottage industry in the manufacturing of
tradtional Batik.

As the name of the company put it, it is situated in the island of Penang. And thus, being one of the pioneer of Batik manufacturing
in the island, the name was born. Timeless, the Batik produced have became an icon of Malaysia, and created
the "exclusively Malaysian" notion and lead as one of the largest Traditional Batik manufacturer
in the northern region of Malaysia.

Penang Batik produced an aray of unique Handdrawn Batik and Hand-blockprinted Batik as well as the combination
of both, called Hand-painted Batik . Motif of flora and fauna are the main subject that been adopted in the design of
Handdrawn Batik, while the Hand-blockprinted Batik adopts mostly of abstract design. Logos of corporate
bodies are also used to reflects it's corporate identity.

Penang Batik have supplied to some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts in the country, as well as
providing for corporates and commercials demand.

Situated at Teluk Bahang, the factory have also became one of the main tourist spot in Penang. Cruises
of bus coaches will make a stop here to allow tourists to have the first insight in the making of Batik,
which puts the impression and awesome feeling to tourists.

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